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From Tim Doyle and Esther Read

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Great news! We have been accepted to sell books in the Readercon Bookshop.

Readercon will be held at the Quincy Marriott in Quincy, MA from 7/8/2016 to 7/10/2016. From the Readercon website "Although Readercon is modeled on "science fiction conventions," there is no art show, no costumes, no gaming, and almost no media. Instead, Readercon features a near-total focus on the written word.... In many years the list of Readercon guests rivals or surpasses that of the Worldcon in quality. Readercon is the only small convention regularly attended by such giants of imaginative literature as Gene Wolfe, Samuel R. Delany, John Crowley, Barry N. Malzberg, Kit Reed, and Jonathan Lethem. .... There is a large Bookshop full of new, used, and rare and collectible books and magazines (and yet more great conversation; if a Readercon attendee is not at a program item, they're probably here)."

Below is a little preview of some of the stock we will have at Readercon. We'll be bringing a nice range of budget priced items, but here we are featuring some of the choicer items in stock. Check back periodically as we add to the inventory, and update with more cool stuff.

6/16/2016 - First up is a nice lot of Lord Dunsany. Nearly all of these are hardback first printings, with most of them from UK publishers - no dust jackets, alas!.

 photo 717f7d8d-137a-463c-ae09-c6986fe5daf2_zpsiqhfgkld.jpg  photo a594c88e-f6ae-4bde-a512-bfc579bc2e0b_zps5abm9lvo.jpg

Author...................... Title.................................................................. Publisher................................ Asking...... Format... Notes
Dunsany, Lord King of Elfland's Daughter Putnam's, 1924 125 HB Ist print
Dunsany, Lord Charwoman's Shadow Putnam's, 1926 30 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Plays of Gods and Men Unwin, 1917 30 HB 1st
Dunsany, Lord Blessing of Pan Scribner's, 1927 100 HB 1st
Dunsany, Lord Plays of Near and Far Putnam's, 1922 25 HB 1st Limited 500 Copies Only
Dunsany, Lord Tales of Three Hemispheres Unwin, 1920 35 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Travel Tales of Mr Joseph Jorkens Putnam's, 1931 75 HB 1st
Dunsany, Lord Mr Jorkens Remembers Africa Heinemann, 1934 50 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Donnelann Lectures 1934 Heinemann, 1934 10 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord If: A Play in Four Acts Putnam's, 1922 20 HB UK 3rd Printing
Dunsany, Lord Nowadays Four Seas Company, 1918 45 HB Limited to 500 copies
Dunsany, Lord Tales of War Talbot Press, 1918 25 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord To Awaken Pegasus George Ronald, 1949 15 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Unhappy Far-Off Things Elkin Matthews, 1919 10 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Fifty-one Tales Elkin Matthews, 1916 85 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Book of Wonder Elkin Matthews, 1919 30 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Don Rodriquez Chronicles of Shadow Valley Putnam's, 1922 75 HB US 1st
Dunsany, Lord Story of Mona Sheehy Heinemann, 1930 55 HB UK 1st
Dunsany, Lord Year, The Jarrolds, 1946 15 HB UK 1st

I'll have some older Edgar Rice Burroughs - some Grosset & Dunlap, some McClurg, with a few in dustjackets. And this copy of the Metropolitan hardback first of Tanar of Pellucidar in the scarce original dust jacket.

Next is the Starblaze trade paperback edition of Aurelia, a scarce item from the wonderful R A Lafferty - if you don't know the name, do yourself a favor and check him out.

 photo 6f133bd7-ff97-40070-821a-a323354b2cac_zpshctwv1u7.jpg  photo 2e7b74a7-7e41-4a3b-90de-0f049c5dedf8_zpsg9n0uq3t.jpg

The Whispers Press trade edition of Psycho II by Robert Bloch - this book is one of those worth buying for the dust jacket alone (credited to Don Ivan Punchatz).

 photo 874d3cd3-9d01-4d42-95ad-80ba15d5face_zpsuduoqjes.jpg

And just in today, a beautiful, signed copy of Lloyd Alexander's The Beggar Queen, the final volume in his Westmark trilogy that begins with Westmark and The Kestrel.

 photo f0ecc7cd-b6f7-4b09-9937-29f4e2d046a8_zpsp8xtfuuz.jpg  photo 57b0a485-ac11-4471-ab7e-cdda752cc681_zpsojleypj8.jpg

Next is a small group of literary biography:

 photo c8261d65-b709-481e-be6e-e0f71d25825a_zpslaeacqwi.jpg  photo Letters_James_Branch_Cabell2_zpszvmqwjcs.jpg

Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker by George Lucas. This is the first hard cover edition: 1977 book club edition with S27 gutter code on page 183. The code shows when the book was printed. "S" indicates 1977, while 27 is the 27th week of the year.

 photo e33cbf24-0ae7-44eb-a78d-a1759f830117_zpsu6pknqaf.jpg